Lucania Film Workshop

workshopThe Lucania Script Service (LSS) provides participants with professional guidance helping them bring their short film idea to production, and helping them find a festival winning recipe. In the age of digital technology, the gap between the professional filmmaker and the amateur is closing. The most important thing to help young filmmakers to rise from the millions of moving images is to choose a compelling theme and write a professional script. This is where we can help you. The team at LSS and a group of selected filmmakers will read your script carefully and give you personalized feedbeck to take it forward. You will come to Lucania Film Festival where you will shoot a selected part of your script on HDV to help you to better understand your writing. The LSS team will help you to fine tune your pitching skills to achieve the attention of Producers and Film Funds. All filmmakers who have a film selected for Lucania, or have sent a film to the festival can apply, just send us an outline of your next film in one page. The LFF team are Lucania veterans, who started with their short films in LFF, and later have become successful filmmakers, the team will select 10 applicants to participate in working in groups. The location is the hilltop town of Pisticci, an oasis in the southern province of Basilicata, the inspiration and the spiritual home of Francis Ford Copolla as well as the setting for many a spaghetti western. Close to the inspiring moonlike landscape of Calanchi, and the deserted town of Sassi di Matera. This is a magical place where all ideas can become a reality. Participation is limited to 10 People Apply with script and CV before 20th July Participation fee €600 includes food, accommodation and local transport. Contact Download Application Form

5 days of Workshops
- Script Analysis: Have your script broken down and developed.
- Scene Breakdown: Find your characters, develop your visual ability
- Pitching: Learn how to make your material compulsive for a producer or funder.
- Access to Producers: How to talk to a producer. Speak their language!
- Jury Tastes: Meet the Lucania Jury and discuss what they are looking for in a winning film.
- Lucania Film Festival Screening: If you make your film Lucania festival will guarantee a screening in the next festival.

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